The Benefits Of Increasing Fuel Efficiency

There are many reasons why improving the fuel we use every day for heating, driving and powering our homes is a good idea. It does not take a rocket scientist to determine th at making our fuel better and more efficient is beneficial not just for people, but also the environment.

Fuel Efficiency Promotes Innovation

Having standards for increased fuel efficiency promotes innovation in science, t echnology and engineering. It is a major motivation for engineers, scientists and invent ors. If new legislation is passed that will require our cars to have higher gas mileage or our appliances to u se less electricity, you can be sure that teams of engineers, scientists and inventors will try and figure out a way to make our cars and appliances better. It can also lead to innovations in actual fuel sourc es. For example cars are now powered not only by oil, but by biodiesel, ethanol, electricit y and mixtures of different substances.

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